Dhaka shohor abosta ON covid 19

profile Shoaib Mahmud , 2020 April 07

Where are they now? What will they eat? How long can a rickshaw puller like Shumi in Rajshahi, whose family of five subsists on what she can bring home at the end of the day, after she has paid a 350 taka ($4.10) guarantee to the rickshaw owner?


According to World Bank data, only 15% of Bangladesh’s population makes more than 500 taka ($5.90) a day. They can meet their daily expenses, send their children to school, and hope that they reserve enough for an emergency health crisis. Most villagers depend on remittances from the cities or abroad. But because this is a global crisis, people everywhere are out of work. Income has stopped.

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Shoaib Mahmud , 2020 April 07